As the world shifts how it sees work, we see a rise in the amount of freelance talent available. Freelance platforms such as DoneStreet are empowering both companies and freelancers alike to find footing and help them emerge as a growing part of the workforce.

Sourcing qualified, vetted developers and engineers is not an easy feat. Frequently, companies may settle for working with an unproven, untested developer.

Thanks to companies like ours, it’s easier than ever to find reliable, vetted freelance developers and engineers to fit your project needs. We’ve compiled a list of the top advantages of hiring a freelance developer through the DoneStreet platform. Here’s how you will benefit when you work with us:



Bringing a senior freelance developer with varied experience to your team will have a positive impact on your projects. Freelancers aim to execute on your projects flawlessly, delivering an exceptional product. This interaction is not only a win for you, but a necessity for them, as their goal is to build a strong long lasting relationship with you.

By hiring a freelance developer, you’ll have the freedom to bring them on as you need and benefit significantly from their broad expertise.



Every project that a freelance developer takes on helps them grow their repertoire, expanding their knowledge so that they can bring a unique, fresh perspective to their work.

DoneStreet freelancers bring a new set of eyes and innovation to your team thanks to the development and project management experience they’ve had. They’re passionate about technology which fuels them to keep up on the latest trends, ideas, and frameworks. They bring adaptability, openness, and diverse ideas that will compliment your team and help your project evolve.



With budgets constantly in flux, freelancers provide your company with a great alternative to hiring a full-time employee or an expensive agency. Hiring an agency or bringing on a new team member comes with high overhead costs, hefty price tags, and other onboarding considerations that take up time and bandwidth. When you work with a developer in the DoneStreet network, the process is simple, efficient and allows you to be flexible with your budget.

DoneStreet features a network of developers across the world with varied experience, you’ll easily find someone that matches the scope of your work, and you’ll save time and money that traditional recruiting processes take.

Often, the flexibility that comes with hiring a freelance developer enables your team to save costs in both the near term and beyond. For example, once your team has built an MVP, the developer can reduce the number of hours they spend working on the project. Your company saves costs by having the freelancer work as needed, keeping them focused on tasks such as fixing bugs and maintaining the project.



Freelance engineers and developers aim to perform at the highest level and provide strong results for their clients, efficiently. Freelancers are in the business of bringing consistency and expertise to your projects.

To provide the best experience, freelancers strive to meet set deadlines by being reliable and exceeding a client’s expectations. They are building relationships and increasing their chances of being hired for future assignments. When you begin working with a DoneStreet freelancer, you know that their goal is to provide exceptional work in a timely fashion. They work hard on the task at hand and will sidestep the frivolous time-punching behavior that may come with a full-time employee.



The flexibility that comes with hiring a freelancer is immense. You can easily adjust the number of hours they work to suit your current project needs. With DoneStreet, you can scale your team up and down with remote developers on flexible schedules.

In addition, many freelancers choose to become freelancers for the increased flexibility and ability to choose their working hours. This flexibility can be a great benefit to you and your company. Often, they will adapt their schedules, bypassing the traditional 9-to-5 working hours in order to get projects done when needed.

The innate flexibility that comes with freelancers is beneficial for you and your business, especially if you’re looking for a way to push a project out in a timely fashion. Depending on the developer and the scope of your work, you can agree on a schedule that works for you and your needs.



There is a wealth of websites to find talent online - what separates DoneStreet is our immense focus on customer experience and the guarantee that we provide. When you partner with DoneStreet, you’re also partnering with industry experts that have gone through a rigorous and systematic screening process of developers that vets for professionalism and quality of work.

Instead of relying on unverified sources, DoneStreet has done the hard work of testing freelance developers, so you don’t have to. We save you the time, and the effort spent searching for the right fit. We believe so strongly in our process that we offer customers a one week trial with any developer they select, allowing them to see how they will work with their team. This is what we call the DoneStreet Difference, and we know given the opportunity, you’ll be blown away by the service we provide and the developers in our network.



By working with a freelance developer through DoneStreet, we provide you with an extra layer of security, controls, and a guarantee that ensures you are getting the best service possible. DoneStreet ensures that clients have complete control over their experience, so we offer a trial period and payment security.

Not only are we ensuring the company’s security through the whole freelance process, we also look out for our developers’ interests as well. Our process virtually guarantees the developer’s fit on your team, giving you peace of mind.

A DoneStreet developer can be a great fit for any team.

When you’re looking to fill a role on your team, head over to DoneStreet. You’ll reduce the amount of time and money spent searching through traditional means and with less reliable service providers. We have an extensive network of engineering and developer freelance talent waiting to work with you on your next project.