Senior Software Architect/Developer in Vancouver, Canada

Menno is a seasoned full-stack developer who loves solving complex problems with a well-thought-out architecture, efficient database structure, and clean, readable code.

Some of his strongest skills are architecture and development of web applications and APIs, designing efficient database structures and incrementally improving performance of existing databases using query analysis, appropriate index choices and the right amount of normalization for the application’s needs.

Menno loves providing advice and listening to the valuable input of peers to reach non-dogmatic evidence-based decisions with regard to architecture and tools.

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Senior API Architect
Sportninja inc ⦁ 2018 - 2020

  • Architected and developed a Laravel-based REST API consumed by different front-end applications to manage amateur sports leagues, teams, and attendance, score games, and provide in-depth player and team statistics

Software Engineer / Architect
XMLTeam Solutions ⦁ 2017 - 2018

  • Developed a Laravel-based application to retrieve, filter, transform and publish high volumes of live sports data consumed by clients such as the BBC
  • Achieved a 50x performance increase over the existing system through improved application architecture, database structure and better use of caching. This significantly lowered monthly AWS cost, and made standardized data describing sporting events available to clients faster

Senior Software Engineer
Sycle Systems ⦁ 2016-2017

  • As part of the internal “Architecture Working Group”, helped design the architecture for new features, and set higher standards for the existing codebase
  • Identified and resolved performance bottlenecks in the front end, the back end and the database, resulting in significant improvement in the user experience

Web developer / systems architect
Codefocus Web Development ⦁ 2009 - 2016

  • Designed the architecture for a high traffic REST API consumed by iOS, Android and web applications for a client in the finance sector. Led development of this API using Laravel, Memcached and Nginx for the application layer, AWS for hosting and storage, Amazon SQS to queue asynchronous tasks, Behat, CircleCI, Envoy and Codeship for automated testing and deployment, and several 3rd party APIs including Mailchimp and UrbanAirship
  • Developed a self-invalidating cache layer on top of Memcached, reducing code maintenance and eliminating a frequent source of hard-to-track issues
  • Architected and led development of an SSO (single sign-on) system, serving over 50,000 realtors and employees of a well-known client in the real estate sector. Components of this system include a modified OAuth2 server, layered group/role/permission management, several REST APIs, and a scheduling / queueing server that synchronizes with several other 3rd party REST and XML/SOAP API services
  • Developed an inventory management application, providing an ecommerce client with sales forecasts to automate wholesale purchases and reduce warehousing costs
  • Developed a PHP/MySQL-based bayesian natural language processor, currently used as a predictive typing aid in a medical application used in nursing homes across Canada
  • Developed an MSSQL-backed Laravel application for a group of nursing homes across Canada, allowing staff to create and edit care plans
  • Developed the PHP backend for award-winning Facebook applications for Best Buy and Metropolis at Metrotown

Senior Web Developer
Reinvent Technologies ⦁ 2008 - 2009

  • Developed web applications on a custom PHP-based framework and in Python, using the Django framework
  • Designed database models in MySQL and PostgreSql, and optimized queries to support high traffic volumes for a portfolio of 200,000 domain names
  • Developed an in-browser image editor, consisting of a jQuery-based frontend component and a server component based on PHP and GD
  • Developed a realtime bayesian recommendation engine that suggests movies the user is likely to enjoy, based on the similarities between the user’s ratings for other movies, and similar users’ ratings for the same movies

Freelance Web Developer
2002 - 2008

  • Developed PHP-based websites and applications for clients in the Netherlands and abroad
  • Developed a web application in PHP that allowed a client to build branching surveys and custom reports with a variety of chart types
  • Configured and maintained a series of dedicated Linux servers, hosting clients’ websites (Apache, IIS), DNS records and email

MAVIM ⦁ 2001 - 2003

  • As part of a small close-knit team developing a workflow management application in Visual Basic, was responsible for the built-in graphics editor, website export module developing a PHP version of the C++-based web service

Unisys ⦁ 1997- 2001

  • Developed custom call centre software on-site throughout Europe, in Visual Basic, for clients such as KPN, Belgacom, Mobistar, Blu Telecom and Swisscom, giving call centre employees control over their phone, caller data and interfacing with billing systems (BSCS) and legacy terminal applications




English, Dutch


Senior Software Architect/Developer in Vancouver, Canada

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