Senior Full-Stack Developer in Bogotá, Colombia

Steve is a systems and telecommunications engineer with seven years of experience as python developer. He has worked on big projects such as Yourshot, a National Geographic network for photographers with more than 2 million users and eight billion photos. Steve also worked on Youtube's official blog in Google and as a part of several startup teams, building MVPs such as Patodo, a SuperMarket hybrid app.

Steve has a Focus in data engineering and big data infrastructures working with ETLs, data pipelines, business intelligence, memory processing, and more. Some of his favorite frameworks include Django, Flask, Wagtail, React, Angular 2+.

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Machine Learning Technical Lead
Mercado Libre ⦁ 2020

  • Lead Machine Learning projects from development to deploy in cloud environment in python technologies

Python Developer
Huge Inc ⦁ 2019 - 2020

  • Python Developer for an internal Google project
  • Python Developer for a Google YouTube project

Python Tech Lead
Globant ⦁ 2019

  • Tech Lead for Yourshot, a social network of National Geographic

Python Developer
Globant ⦁ 2018-2019

  • Developer for Yourshot, a social network of National Geographic for photos. Technologies: Django, GetStream, Celery, React and Angular
  • Data Architect in Corcoran Group. Development and support of data architecture working with redshift, elasticsearch, airflow, SSIS, flask and SQL Server

Technical Lead
Los Zúper ⦁ 2018

  • Developer Lead for the Los Zúper platform. Developed through an alliance between IBM and QuickIt for Fundación Palante Agencia Para La Movilización y El Cambio

Developer Lead
Gaira Consulting ⦁ 2018

  • Developer Lead for a project building VOY App finance by Colciencias, an application that improved how health care companies provide service

Full Stack Developer
Rokk3rLabs ⦁ 2017 - 2018

  • Full Stack Developer in NodeJS and Angular Technologies, leading IoT project that use energy, gas, temperature and water meters to remotely manage devices and extract business data

World Tech Makers ⦁ 2017 - 2018

  • Director for technology at World Tech Makers. Lead research in Machine Learning and Blockchain technology. World Tech Makers has a presence in Spain, USA, México, Brazil and Colombia

ML Developer
World Tech Makers ⦁ 2017

  • Machine Learning Engineer developing a service platform

Spark Pipeline Engineering
Bloom Consulting - Corelogic ⦁ 2017

  • Java Spring Engineering for an implementation of Pipelines for a Corelogic Data Scientist Area project

Database Administrator
IBM – DBSystem ⦁ 2016 - 2017

  • Data Base Administrator in DB2
  • Data Base Administrator in MSSQL

Research Assistant
Del Rosario University ⦁ 2016 - 2017

  • Implementation of ETL in Pentaho Data Integrator
  • Generate OLAP cubes with Pentaho
  • Research in Rough Sets in Intuitionistic Fuzzy Approximation Spaces
  • Research in Machine Learning Algorithms as SVM and NBN

Software Developer
Gaira Consultoring ⦁ 2016 - 2017

  • Design and implementation of a solution to IVC with Python and BIG DATA solutions that generate information of old data and implements a risk model to prevent disasters in Bogotá D.C. [Python (Django), RestAPI (Loopback), Spark, AngularJS2]

Apache Spark Software Engineer
Scripta – UIAF & ECOPETROL ⦁ 2016

  • Design, implementation and testing of a Big Data solution. [Cloudera, Spark, Django, Hadoop, Impala]

Software Developer
Gaira Consultoring - Baxalta ⦁ 2016

  • Design and implementation of a solution for Baxalta laboratory to pass data from JDE ERP to a SQL database (ETL) and a little application to process and generate information necessary in business processes. [SSIS, Flask]

Research Assitant
Sergio Arboleda University ⦁ 2015 - 2016

  • Implementation of an algorithms product based on our research [python and Mathematica]
  • Research on Dempster–Shafer theory and polynomial algorithms that gives solutions to this



Bachelors of Engineering - System and Telecommunications Engineering
Sergio Arboleda University, Bogotá, Colombia

Masters of Engineering - Systems Engineering
Pontifical Xavierian University, Bogotá, Colombia


English, Spanish


Senior Full-Stack Developer in Bogotá, Colombia

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