Technical Lead At DoneStreet

Alex is a senior fullstack developer and technical lead with professional experience in a wide variety of areas including: fintech, cryptocurrency and crypto trading platforms, white-label solutions, gaming, and sales & marketing.

Recently Alex has been primarily working with the JavaScript ecosystem (React/Node). He has experience using Typescript, Express and hands-on devops experience using AWS and tools like: Terraform, Kubernetes, CircleCI and Github Actions. Alex has extensive experience working as a technical lead for small and larger teams.

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Technical Lead
DoneStreet ⦁ 2018-Present

  • As the technical Lead at DoneStreet, Alex is responsible for managing multiple client projects including hands on coding as well as project management and team leadership
  • Alex is also the lead technical screener responsible for the oversight of technical talent testing and processes
  • A couple of Alex's client projects include:

     Aurora Labs (Idex) ⦁ 2018-2020

  • Building and supporting a large-scale, high-throughput crypto currency trading platform. My responsibilities included working on the public REST API (express.js), Websocket API, React frontend and kubernetes based deployments.

     MIT Media Labs ⦁ 2018-2020

  • Lead developer for several real-time online human experiments. We used a Meteor.js stack and deployed the experiments to Meteor Galaxy. One experiment involved implementing a Variational Autoencoder model using Tensorflow.js

     Max Planck Institute for Human Development Mission Ready Marketing ⦁ 2018-2020

     Blue Mesa Health ⦁ 2018-2020

  • Built new features and helped implement a GraphQL API. The tech stack included React and a LoopBack.js backend

Software Developer
Onist Technologies ⦁ 2016-2018

  • Onist was a fintech startup that built a virtual family office platform
  • Migrated legacy Meteor.js codebase to React/Node/Serverless stack
  • Built integrations with Yodlee API and Quovo API to aggregate user financial data
  • Technical lead of a scrum team with offshore and local team members

Software Developer  ⦁ 2016

  • AudienceView is a white label ticket sales platform with hundreds of customers across North America, including large universities, theatres and sports teams
  • Migrated legacy .NET application to Angular2/Node stack
  • Used redux, Observables, TypeScript and Angular2 Material

Software Developer
Baymount Private Equity ⦁ 2014-2015

  • Real Money Mania
  • RealMoneyMania was a US licensed and regulated horse gambling website
  • Built five casino-type games using html5 canvas, Angular and Node with an event- driven architecture
  • Thoroughbred Horse Race Betting
  • This project used machine learning to develop and implement horse betting strategies
  • Developed software in python to process data, handicap horses and create bets
  • Worked with machine learning specialists who graduated from MIT

Software Developer ⦁ 2014

  • VarageSale was a ‘virtual garage sale’ application and was named 2014 Startup of the Year by the Canadian Startup Awards
  • Fixed UI/UX issues and added new unit testing in Ruby on Rails

Founder ⦁ 2012-2014

  • goLadle was a restaurant discovery website using real-time information about restaurants' events, offers and specials from their Twitter feeds
  • Crawled Yelp, Opentable and Tripadvisor to index over 600,000 restaurants
  • Processed, sorted and classified millions of tweets every week

Other Projects

  • Bitcoin Prediction Market – Personal Project – January 2014
  • Online Sports Betting Arbitrage – Personal Project – 2012
  • Financial Modelling Using CUDA GPU – M.Sc Research – Fall 2011
  • High Frequency Trading Using Genetic Algorithms – M.Sc Thesis Project – Summer 2011
  • Equity Options Arbitrage – Personal Project – Summer 2009
  • Optimizing Ontario Horse Race Betting Strategies – Personal Project – Summer 2006



M.Sc Applied Mathematics (Quant Finance)
University of Western Ontario, London, Canada

B.Sc Mathematics
University of Guelph, Guelph, Canada




Technical Lead At DoneStreet

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